Thursday, May 25, 2006

KILL ROCK STARS-ein Label dessen Platten oft bei Rocketoire gespielt werden.

Kill Rock Stars- a philosophy:

"Unlike all major labels and many indie labels, profit is not our primary motivation. Kill Rock Stars is dedicated to releasing high quality meaningful recordings in a manner that is fair and respectful to the artists. The system that makes rock stars wants us to believe that we have no choices except the handful they give us but they don't even bother to give us good choices, just lame ones. KRS just wants to give you some good stuff to listen to that actually means something to counteract the empty and boring stuff you see on TRL or whatever."

Kill Rock Stars , ein Label das für diverse Riot Grrrl Plattetreleases bekannt wurde, setzt sich auch aktiv gegen den Krieg im Irak ein:

"Kill Rock Stars joins millions of other Americans (you know who you are!) in our condemnation of "H. J. Res 114 - Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq" and our pledge to resist and protest the impending stupid and immoral invasion of Iraq. Please let us know what is happening in your town to stop or protest this war, and we will post information we receive here, so some of your neighbors can find out and help."