Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Virgin France or French Virgin

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27. 1. 07
Entes Anomicos Reords(seit 1996)Special mit Carlos Palacios aus Peru. Labelbands:
Sheila(auch: Sony Lateinamerika), Day for Day, Animo, Anhelo, Arz, Arruinado Pero Feliz, Cose Perse, Fuerza De Voluntad, Inexpertos, Smitten, Unidad 4,

10. 2. 07
Repetition this thursday(2-3) in the night: Musiczine Iran

Cultures do not have the ability to evolve, renew or survive automatically. They should be preserved and kept alive through vitalization of the cultural life. To create this kind of vital atmosphere, it is increasingly necessary that the artists create and express themselves in a free and democratic environment both politically and culturally. It is the freedom of expression that evokes life quality in the society.

At the same time the old traditions must be preserved, it should also get updated and renovated by creating bridges and intersections to exceed all the existing boundaries between humans and their cultures, in order to create a multicultural society that is able to give birth and develop possibilities for the new and contemporary cultures and art forms that in it self creates new and exciting conditions and refreshing coexistence for the next upcoming generations that wants to live in a promising and vital cultural life. It only happens by creating different kinds of cultural platforms for dialogs and discussions. It is exactly what the new generation of musicians in Iran are missing, a stage to perform their abilities and promote their creativity.
The word "Zir Zamin" means "Underground" or "Basement". is an Iranian online music magazine and the project concept is to create a forum to connect the new wave of Iranian independent and underground musicians both inside and outside of Iran, to the Iranian public and the world through us. is the juncture where the public can hear and see our new youth popular culture. It is also an intersection where musicians may present their new material for review by other musicians as well as the public. is basically a stage where links are made; through us, the eyes and the ears of the world are only a link away.

Our purpose is to represent our Iranian Alternative Musician to the international music community and industry. This is the only reason that the dominating language on the magazine is in English instead of Persian. We also want to be a part of creating this new Iranian music scene and its new vital identity. is a stage for all the Iranian musicians with exceptional creative quality.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rocketoire Radioshow on 96, 6 MHz

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Noiserockbastard meets Post-rock, Rockabilly meets Emo und Elektropunk. Von ruhigen Momenten, tiefschürfenden Emotionen bis hin zu harten Gitarren mit Geschrei, mit oder ohne Pop-Elemente. Annabell spielt, was ihr in die Hände kommt und taugt.