Thursday, October 25, 2012

Introducing Laura Rebel Angel:

Rocketoire started out as my weekly radio show at Free Radio W├╝ste - Welle. It has become my personal penname for a great diversity of activities like connecting artists, journalists, and interviewing flamboyant folks. The basic idea was to keep my options open since I have never been a person who wanted to stay in a box concerning music (I find it absolutely silly when people are committed to one style / category and allow themselves to miss out on the great diversity of scenes): Rocketoire = rock + repertoire. Bianca who, among other things, wrote articles for Rolling Stone (Au) and who also uses ROCKETOIRE FACEBOOK as a platform for promoting her work and who helped ROCKETOIRE FACEBOK to grow massively, just interviewed Laura Rebel Angel. I told Bianca about this great lady who will hopefully tour Germany with her band. Well, I sent her a request since I think she is so inspirational - I just want, especially women in Germany, to be able to attend one of her gigs. Wish us luck!

Click on the picture and find the interview attached.