Monday, April 23, 2012

Jemek Jemowit

[JEMEK JEMOWIT] (New Beat, EMB, Acid House, R`N`R) "Having grown up in West Berlin with a Polish background, Jemek now works as a One-Man-Band, DJ and Conceptual artist who has toured mostt of Europe. Still influenced by the creative input of non-hip West Berlin, his eastern extravagance guarantees a thrill of ecstasy and long nights. His ragged beats are produced with the legendary Groovebox MC-303, and with R’n’R, Acid House and EBM, add up to an explosive mix of Electrosound. The music and lyrics are drawn by a love-hate relationship to his Polish roots that he refers to as »Postpatriotic«. After his first release »Wave and Groom« his debut album »Zemsta« (Polish for »Vengeance«) was released in 2011 by the Fabrika Records (Greece)"